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Nature is the best place to heal and recharge.

Farm Stay

Rakes Chalet

Rakes Chalet is a beautiful 18th century home. It is an authentic Heritage Home recognized by the township of Puslinch. This stone house was built entirely with limestone and granite and has withstood all the elements till today over 100s of years old with its historical and architectural significance and yet in good condition and has been renovated for modern day use.

Quince Cottage

Quince Cottage is our wooden cabin; it certainly has the most cozy feeling to it. With a fully wooden structure and magnificent view of our many horse paddocks and a great place for viewing the sunset and sunrise, you and your friends are bound to fall in love with this cozy dwelling. The humble estate is nestled in mature maple trees providing complete privacy.

Hillside Hideaway

Coming Soon !!

Rich in heritage. Best in comfort

With the everlasting beauty that stood for many years comes a fine resort to serve its name


Eli farms and Equestrian Club is a part of Eli group of companies. We are a family-owned business.


We offer luxury farm stays with a breathtaking landscape of over 100+ acres surrounded by magnificent horses and stunning sunrises and sunsets. It’s the spot for all of your life’s greatest celebrations– from graduations and weddings to family reunions and retirement parties. We have had the pleasure of welcoming guests from all around the world to Eli Farms to host events and be a part of their most memorable moments of life.


    Whether you’re curious about features or need to book a tour, we’re here to answer any questions.