Rakes Chalet

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Rakes Chalet

Rakes Chalet is a beautiful eighteenth century home. It is an authentic Heritage Home recognized by the township of Puslinch. This stone house was built entirely with limestone and granite and has withstood all the elements till today over 100s of years old with its historical and architectural significance and yet in good condition and has been renovated for modern day use.

There are just over one hundred of these plaques today and Eli Farms is very proud to be the owner of Rakes Chalet and all that it is….!!!

Staying at Rakes Chalet you can gather with large groups in the spacious kitchen, enjoy a night in the game room, as well as take a dive in the pool or a relaxing soak in the hot tub. Along with these amenities, you get to experience breathtaking views from the windows of the horizon and majestic horses running in our fields.

Other things to note

There will be no condiments

100$ early check in fee will apply before 4pm

September 2022

Please be mindful the Wi-Fi connection is intermittent due to the farm area.